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How to maximise your Christmas conversion rates

With thousands of revellers set to end 2015 with a bang, the time is right to start investing in your Christmas marketing strategy. Booking season is here and with restaurants, hotels and bars all competing for a piece of the action, you need a marketing plan that makes you stand out. Here at Wildfire we show you how to stand out and maximise your conversion rate this Christmas.

There are numerous things you can do to give your customers a fantastic Christmas experience and to maximise your Christmas bookings. The first and most important of these is to start planning your marketing strategy. To begin with you need to identify who your ideal customer would be and then develop your message around what your business can offer them. Putting customer benefit at the very core of your business is the most effective way to create brand advocates, which in turn will lead to more bookings and a lower marketing spend.


Sign-post your website

Before making any booking most customers will do their homework. Make sure your website is easy to use and your Christmas offering is clearly sign-posted and super easy to book. Have your menu ready and clearly outline your unique features and benefits that will appeal directly to your chosen audience. Get your message out there by targeting you audience’s traffic sources, employing key word searches and utilising the wide range of available tools such as Google Adwords and banner advertising.

Use seasonal imagery and a festive tone of voice

Add a splash of Christmas to your venue, website and marketing, make sure it is consistent and avoid the pitfalls of being overtly tacky and doing it on the cheap. When it comes to your business even the tinsel is an investment and an integral part of your Christmas strategy. If your business is in the hospitality trade employ the use of seasonal treats, offer your customers mulled wine and minced pies and don’t be afraid to give out free samples. Get creative, why not take a Christmas platter round to potential businesses or to employ a host in a public place to raise awareness for your brand, putting yourself front and centre in the customer’s mind.

Keep it consistent

Your marketing is the sum of all your parts, so make sure that each element is consistently relaying the same message about your brand. Your look, feel and tone of voice should meld together to create the same customer experience. Spend wisely and take care and time to prepare and invest in your promotional materials, a poorly designed menu or promotional collateral can give the wrong impression and cost you bookings.

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