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Universal’s Sparkly New Brochures Arrive

UCA, an alliance of some of the UK’s biggest movie studios, commissioned Wildfire to design the artwork for its Christmas brochures. The sparkly brochures arrived safe and sound and look even more fantastic in real life! Our client is very happy and looking forward to sending them out to Sales Managers for the Christmas push.

Each year we develop a number of brochures and emailers to help promote UCA and its partner’s products across DVD’s, Blu-ray and CD’s to its key customers across the UK retail industry, including Tesco, HMV and Asda. We have created a new design with clear messaging, a strong visual impact, easy to understand and for use as an on-going reference for the Sales managers.

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Tips for creating brand identity

Here at Wildfire, we’re experts at all things branding. Whether its helping a company come up with a distinctive look and feel for their brand, or working with a business to help utilise their existing identity, Wildfire have the know how to make it work. But if you are just starting to think about how you present your brand, what do you need to consider? Here are top tips to consider if you want to create your own brand identity.

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How to maximise your Christmas conversion rates

With thousands of revellers set to end 2015 with a bang, the time is right to start investing in your Christmas marketing strategy. Booking season is here and with restaurants, hotels and bars all competing for a piece of the action, you need a marketing plan that makes you stand out. Here at Wildfire we show you how to stand out and maximise your conversion rate this Christmas.

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Are you missing out on a potential Christmas bonus?

The peak summer season has finished for another year. Many in the hospitality business will be thinking that the most profitable months of the year are over, with eyes turning to that one last big money maker – Christmas. Yes the Big C will be upon us sooner than we think. But in this lull after the Christmas break, being proactive now can be the difference between a small and a big Christmas bonus.

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What should your Autumn/Winter Marketing Strategy look like?

We are fast approaching the end of summer and hopefully for hospitality businesses it has been a lucrative one at that. With warm sunny weather (for the most part) and a steady supply of visitors to the area the environment has been ripe for the domestic hospitality industry. But what happens when the tourists return home and the weather goes back to its typically gloomy self and what should a hospitality businesses’ Autumn/Winter marketing strategy be?

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Why service and consistency are essential to your brand

Your staff are the first point of contact for your customers and how they interact and the level of service they provide will define your venue and by extension your brand. To garner a reputation for excellent customer service and to develop your hospitality brand you need a strategy which enforces consistency. The hospitality you provide is after all your product and with customer 2.0 willing to share their thoughts and experiences both positive and negative (but mainly negative) to a wide audience, having a consistent level of customer service will help you to protect your brand and allow you to define it on your own terms.

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Why Businesses need design

Ever wondered why large corporations spend so much on branding and design? Design is so much more than just a lick of fresh paint or a shiny new logo and your favourite brands already know this. Design bridges the gap between creativity and innovation making products and services more attractive and functional to the consumer. Design is by far one of the best investment’s any business can make, which often results in more sales, a distinct identity and improved market position. According to the Design Council, for every £100 invested by a ‘design-led’ business, there is a £225 increase in sales.

So how does design work?

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How to create a Personal Brand

With the proliferation of ‘personality brands’ on social media, it has never been simpler to establish yourself as an industry expert, personality or guru. Marketing yourself as a personality follows exactly the same principles as marketing any other product or service. All brands have defined personalities and to find yours you need to answer the following questions: What tone of voice will your brand use? What message will you convey? What imagery will you use to present your brand? And what platform will you use to reach an audience?

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