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Are you missing out on a potential Christmas bonus?

The peak summer season has finished for another year. Many in the hospitality business will be thinking that the most profitable months of the year are over, with eyes turning to that one last big money maker – Christmas. Yes the Big C will be upon us sooner than we think. But in this lull after the Christmas break, being proactive now can be the difference between a small and a big Christmas bonus.

Question: Are you going out and finding customers for Christmas or are you waiting for them to come to you? There are two big money earners at the end of the year. Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Both have the potential to be a big success for your business. Have you tailored your marketing accordingly? Let’s break it down.

Finding a venue for a company’s Christmas party is becoming more and more important. With social media such a huge presence in our lives, the way a company treats its customers is being put under the spotlight even more. So what are you doing to convince businesses to choose your venue for their Christmas party? Creating a targeted marketing campaign now, both print and online, could lead to early results. Businesses will already be thinking about the Christmas party. Why not put your venue in the frame with a striking early marketing campaign?

Christmas shoppers

Christmas Dinner

Despite what the Christmas TV adverts tell you, not everyone will be looking forward to a big family Christmas dinner at home. The stress and hassle of organising a meal is something many people want to avoid. So why aren’t you exploiting this? If you are offering a Christmas dinner service, you should be promoting this now. There’s a reason many restaurants advertise Christmas dinner bookings as early as January – exclusivity. Book now or you’ll be disappointed. You want to promote your Christmas meal as the ideal replacement for a home cooked meal, an option that removes all the stress and hardwork, but customers must act quickly or risk missing out.

New Year’s Eve

The high expectations for a fantastic New Year’s Eve party is another area your business can take an advantage of. Promoting your party now, complete with a detailed breakdown of the night’s events (menu details, live music, etc.), can lead to early bookings, especially if you promote the exclusivity or limited number of tickets available. You have to remember that Christmas is an expensive time for everyone, so why not use an Early Bird ticket scheme to encourage booking now before its too late?


 Take the initiative

 Going out and being proactive with your marketing can make Christmastime for your business a profitable and successful time of year. Getting your marketing right will lead to increased bookings, more money, and more time to relax and think about the year ahead. And if you are struggling to come up with the ideas to promote your business right, you can always turn to Wildfire for help.

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